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Planning phase zero is an integral part of our design process and a unique trademark of PLY...



Our projects are a testament to our belief that excellent spaces can be created in a sustainable and resource-saving way. We achieve this through a timeless approach and a deep understanding of the materials we use. Questioning not only the aesthetics, but also the way materials age gracefully and with a patina.
The high quality of the execution contributes to the longevity of our projects, as does our demand for functionality.

Part of Kinzo


PLY is dedicated to the evolution of work spaces promoting progressive spaces with a profound belief in architecture that creates cultural values. Our design approach places human needs at the forefront fostering togetherness and wellbeing.

Our result driven process allows collective collaborations with our clients ensuring a responsive office, unique and indvidual as our clients and their employees.


Part of Kinzo NEU

The merger of PLY and Kinzo is the result of a fundamental mutual understanding: both teams have already worked together in the past and realised projects such as SoundCloud, which were praised for their innovative approach and user focus. This merger is therefore a logical next step that combines the strengths of both companies and lays the foundation for future success. The combined project portfolio of the two partners covers a wide range of working and living environments, catering and public spaces.

Kinzo x PLY will offer an extended range of services. Clients can now benefit from an integrated approach that seamlessly combines interior design and architecture. This approach makes it possible to manage projects from the initial sketch to the final realisation from a single source, always keeping the user experience in mind.

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